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Where are the world’s most expensive hotels?

New York and Boston have the most expensive hotel rates in the world, at 275 euros a night, according to data collected by HRS Global Hotel Solutions for the period from July to September.
San Francisco was ranked third on this list with 241 euros.
In the third quarter, which includes the summer vacation period, the average cost of staying in a hotel increased across the globe.
In China and the US, growth was in double digits, standing at 34.8 percent in Boston and 29.7 percent in New York.
The same was true on the other side of the planet, in China, where hotels hiked their prices by over 20 percent, except in Shanghai (+1.3 percent to 93 euros) and Macau (-3.5 percent to 137 euros).
And rates surged in Japan, with a jump of 34.9 percent in Tokyo, where a room cost 174 euros a night.
Hotels more expensive in Europe
Europe has not been spared this upward trend. It has been the focal point for various global events this year, including the Universal Exhibition in Milan and the Rugby World Cup in England, so it is not surprising that European hotels put up their prices in the summer.
This was especially true in the south. Rates rose by 19.9 percent in Milan, where a hotel room cost 128 euros a night. In Barcelona, there was an increase of 7.1 percent to 121 euros, and Lisbon saw rates move up 7.6 percent to 99 euros.
In northern Europe, rates were up by 11.5 percent in Stockholm, where one night cost 136 euros.
This survey is based on rates noted in 150 cities around the world and statistically processed reservation data for all HRS international clients.

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