We won’t allow military council to rule from behind the curtain, says ElBaradei

Presidential candidate Mohamed ElBaradei on Thursday renewed his criticism of the way the ruling military council is managing the transition period.

“We won’t allow the military council to rule from behind the curtain,” he said, adding that Egypt would not fall if the council leaves. “The people are the state, and it was the people who made the revolution,” he said.

ElBaradei also said that the former regime is still present, but only the faces were changed. “The trial of the former president takes five years, while our sons are arrested and immediately referred to military courts,” he pointed out.

“The council deals with problems from a security perspective,” he said. “This makes it worse than the Mubarak regime.”

He called for a constitution representing all segments of Egyptian society to be written before the presidential elections are held.

“The new constitution must guarantee the rights of the majority and protect those of the minority,” he said, calling for the need to abolish the Shura Council and the split representation of farmers and workers in parliament.

“It will take us a year and a half to be on the right political track,” he noted.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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