Wazir: LE2 trillion cost of state plan to develop transportation sector

Transport Minister Kamel Wazir said the cost of the state plan to develop the transportation sector is LE2 trillion.

The development plan aims to realize comprehensive development of roads, railways, ports as well as river, land and sea transportation to facilitate people and goods movement nationwide, he said during a meeting with the cabinet’s Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC).

The minister reviewed the latest developments in various national projects being implemented by the state to upgrade infrastructure, thus contributing to luring investments.

Under the projects, 7,000-kilometer new roads were built in addition to upgrading 10,000 kilometers of old roads nationwide.

He highlighted the role of roads and bridges built over the past period in solving chronic problems that lasted for decades, including traffic congestion.

He referred to the role of the presidential initiative “Decent Life” in securing infrastructure services in villages that suffered from lack of services for long years.

He also highlighted ongoing projects to link industrial zones with various ports via establishing new railway lines, citing efforts to localize various industries, especially heavy ones.

He referred also to cooperation with Siemens in implementing the express electric train project.

He also highlighted ongoing cooperation between the Egyptian National Company for Railway Industry (NERC) and “Hyundai Rotem” in establishing a factory for manufacturing metro carriages.

He also referred to the Bus rapid transit (BRT) project.

He highlighted that the national infrastructure projects contributed to securing millions of jobs for youths over the past nine years as about two million Egyptians work in Transport Ministry projects.

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