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Video: Tamer Hosny reveals official trailer of superhero movie ‘Tag’

Egypt actor and singer Tamer Hosny posted the official trailer for his new movie “Tag”, through his official channel on YouTube, which is set to release during the Eid al-Adha 2023 season.

Hosny appeared in the trailer as the titular “Tag”, who discovers that he has a supernatural power that enables him to do unnatural things, such as flying in the air and penetrating walls.

“Tag” is also set to star Dina al-Sherbiny, Hala Fakher, singer Sandy, and a number of other guests of honor.

The film, directed by Sarah Wafik, features comedy, romance and thrills, with Hosny also portraying the hero’s twin brother “Haroun” as they get into a variety of misadventures.

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