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Video: ‘Saffah al-Giza’ to be released on August 28

Screenwriter Mohamed Salah al-Azab presented the teaser of the upcoming crime series “Saffah al-Giza” (The Butcher of Giza) which will be released digitally on the Shahid platform starting August 28.

The series is based on the true story of a murderer in Giza who was executed by authorities in Egypt.

The promo teaser showed protagonists played by Bassem Samra and Rakeen Saad walking to music composed by El Waili.

“Saffah al-Giza” is directed by Hadi al-Bagoury and stars Bassem Samra, Rakeen Saad, Salah Abdullah, Mimi Gamal, and Dalia Shawky.

The script and dialogue are written by Engy Aboul Saud and Imad Matar.

The series is a dramatic thriller filled with unusual characters, including the main protagonist who producer Tariq Nasr says represents a dramatic and complex personalty differing from the comedic roles the actor is best known for.

Nasr added that what distinguishes “Saffah al-Giza” is the way the story is told. Instead of relying on gruesome bloody scenes, the show delves into the psychological aspects and motives of the killer to provide a deeper understanding of his crimes, which Nasr says is a new approach for Arabic dramas.


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