Video: Egyptian Space Agency congratulates Sarah Sabry, the 1st Egyptian to fly into space

The Egyptian Space Agency (EGSA) congratulated engineer Sara Sabry, the first Egyptian citizen to fly into space on New Shepard’s flight No. 22 from Blue Origin.

In a statement on Saturday, the agency expressed its pride and support for Sabry, who will travel for the first time into space accompanied by five people from the US, Portugal and the UK.

Sabry expressed her pride in representing Egypt in space.

“When we dare to dream big, we achieve things that are considered impossible, break borders, write history and set new challenges for the future,” he said.

“I am honored to be representing Egypt in Space for the first time. My ancestors have always dreamt big and achieved the impossible, and I hope to bring that back. This is just the beginning,” she added.

Blue Origin had announced the crew that will travel on its NS-22 space mission under the auspices of the Space for Humanity Foundation, as part of the 22nd flight crew of New Shepard to space aboard its rocket.

The NS-22 mission will include Dude Perfect co-founder Coby Cotton, Portuguese entrepreneur Mário Ferreira, British-American mountaineer Vanessa O’Brien, technology leader Clint Kelly III, and telecommunications executive Steve Young.

This mission will be New Shepard’s sixth manned expedition, the third this year, and the 22nd in its history.

Who is Sarah Sabry?


Sabry is an Egyptian mechanical and biomedical engineer, and founder of Deep Space Initiative (DSI), a nonprofit aiming to increase accessibility for space research.

She became Egypt’s first female analog astronaut in 2021 after completing a two-week Moon mission simulating the extreme conditions astronauts experience in orbital space.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at the American University in Cairo and a master’s in biomedical engineering from the Politecnico di Milano. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in aerospace sciences with a focus on space suit design. Sabry currently resides in Berlin.

Her seat is sponsored by Space for Humanity (S4H), a nonprofit whose mission is to expand access to space for all of humanity.

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