US Embassy in Jordan warns of threat in Aqaba

Amman, Jordan–The US Embassy in Jordan warned Americans Wednesday of a "possible imminent threat" in the country's Red Sea port of Aqaba and recommended avoiding the city for the next 48 hours.

However, Jordan tried to dampen fears of a terrorist threat, saying its own assessment differed.

"The security situation in Jordan is stable," Information Minister Ali Ayed told the state news agency.

He said there was "no threat on the national level, including Aqaba," one of Jordan's main tourist destinations.

Ayed said the US warden message posted on the Internet was a "precautionary measure" to American citizens.

In its warden message, the embassy said it received "credible information" of a potential terrorist attack in the Gulf of Aqaba region. It provided no details and embassy officials declined comment.

It recommended Americans delay all nonofficial and personal travel to Aqaba for "at least the next 48 hours."

It also urged Americans living in Aqaba to avoid the downtown and port areas.

Last month, a rocket struck the center of Aqaba–the second such attack in months–killing one Jordanian and wounding four.

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