US dollar price stabilizes on Monday

The price of the US dollar stabilized early on Monday, March 28, 2022, after a significant increase over the past few days, upon a sudden rise in interest rates by one percent by the Central Bank of Egypt.

The rise in interest rates led to a decrease in the value of the Egyptian pound by about 14 percent.

The prices of the US dollar during Monday’s trading in banks operating in Egypt:

Commercial International Bank:

Purchase: LE18.25

Sale: LE18.35

Central Bank of Egypt:

Purchase: LE18.26

Sale: LE18.36

National Bank of Egypt:

Purchase: LE18.27

Sale: LE18.37

Banque Misr:

Purchase: LE18.27

Sale: LE18.37

Suez Canal Bank:

Purchase: LE18.27

Sale: LE18.37

Egyptian Exchange Company:

Purchase: LE18.29

Sale: LE18.39

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