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US dollar price rises Wednesday in Egyptian banks

The US dollar price rose in Egypt at some banks on Wednesday while the exchange rates of Arab currencies stabilized.

The prices of Arab and foreign currencies at the Central Bank of Egypt on Wednesday:



LE30.83 for purchase

LE 30.95 for sale



LE33.92 for purchase

LE34.07 for sale


Pound sterling

LE39.81 for purchase

LE39.98 for sale


Swiss franc

LE34.96 for purchase

LE 35.12 for sale


Saudi riyal

LE8.22 for purchase

LE 8.25 for sale


Kuwaiti dinar

LE100.39 for purchase

LE 100.82 for sale


UAE dirham

LE8.39 for purchase

LE8.42 for sale

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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