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US dollar price continues to soar against Egyptian pound on Thursday

On Thursday, November 24, the price of the US dollar witnessed a slight increase against the Egyptian pound, in a wave of rises that started on on November 3 when the Central Bank of Egypt raised the interest rate by 200 basis points and floated the pound.

The price of the dollar Thursday, November 24, at Egyptian banks is as follows:

Suez Canal Bank

LE24.48 for purchase

LE 24.58 for sale

Commercial International Bank

LE24.52 for purchase

LE24.58 for sale

Banque du Caire

LE24.48 for purchase

LE 24.53 for sale


LE24.37 for purchase

LE 24.44 for sale

Banque Misr

LE24.34 for purchase

LE 24.39 for sale

National Bank of Egypt

LE24.48 for purchase

LE 24.53 for sale

Arab African Bank:

LE24.40 for purchase

LE24.47 for sale

The CBE issued a statement, on Thursday, November 3, announcing reform measures to ensure macroeconomic stability and achieve sustainable and comprehensive economic growth, floating the Egyptian pound.

Egypt first devalued its currency by 48 percent in 2016, allowing it to float freely in order to meet a key demand by the International Monetary Fund to secure a three-year US$12 billion loan.

The CBE announced the devaluation of the Egyptian pound for the second time in March by nearly 17 percent.

The CBE, on Saturday October 1, raised the required reserve ratio in banks from 14 percent to 18 percent.

The CBE confirmed in the periodic bulletin that the decision contributes to restricting the monetary policy it pursues.

In its meeting on Thursday the Monetary Policy Committee of the CBE kept the overnight deposit and lending rates and the bank’s main operation rate at 25.11 percent, 25.12 percent and 75.11 percent, respectively.

The credit and discount rate was also kept at 75.11 percent.

The bank also opted to increase the percentage of cash reserves that banks are obligated to maintain with CBE to become 18 percent instead of 14 percent.

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