US dollar, other currency rates in Egypt on Friday

The price of the US dollar stabilized in mid-trading on Friday, the weekly holiday for Egyptian banks, after a few rises of several piasters over the past week.

Dollar price in banks on Friday was as follows:

Central Bank of Egypt

LE30.5for purchase

LE 30.6 for sale

National Bank of Egypt

LE30.42 for purchase

LE30.52 for sale

Banque Misr

LE30.42 for purchase

LE30.52 for sale

Currency rates in the Central Bank of Egypt on Friday:


LE32.7604 for purchase

LE32.8753 for sale

Pound sterling

LE36.9730 for purchase

LE37.0981 for sale

Saudi riyal

LE8.1105 for purchase

LE8.1366 for se

Kuwaiti dinar

LE99.4966 for purchase

LE100.0047 for sale

Emirati dirham

LE8.2865 for purchase

LE8.3132 for sale

Swiss franc

LE33.1172 for purchase

LE33.2355 for sale

Chinese yuan

LE4.49 for purchase

LE4.50 for sale

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