US ambassador to Libya: Unite against Libyan enemies

The US Ambassador to Libya, Deborah K. Jones called on Libyans on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of Libya’s 17 February 2011 revolution to unite in order to defeat the enemies of Libya and build a prosperous, stable state.
Jones stated that Libya's major challenge is the absence of a national unity government that can not only establish effective security and governance, but also enforce laws.
"Confronting Libya’s enemies – foreign and domestic – will remain impossible without such a government. That is why Libyans must engage in the UN dialogue," Jones wrote in an article to the Libya Herald on Tuesday.
Jones said efforts by the US, UK, French, Italian and EU ambassadors to eradicate Libya’s chemical weapons were aborted due to conflicting factions in Libya and the inability of foreign ambassadors to deal with a coherent body politic. 
The US ambassador divided Libyans into those who support the state, which includes the vast majority of Libyans, and those who do not, such as Ansar al-Sharia, Al-Qaeda and now the Islamic State(IS), she said. 
She also voiced support for Bernardino Leon’s UN dialogue, despite arguments stating that his words became irrelevant in light of the ongoing military conflict with the IS.
“Our house has no windows or doors and the Devil has come inside.  We need to come together as a family now to remove the Devil,” Jones mentioned.
"Those who continue to fight, those who refuse to engage in dialogue, must be sanctioned by the international community – and we are prepared to do that," Jones concluded.

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