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Unprecedented heat wave to continue over a week: EMA official

A member of the media center at the Egyptian Meteorological Authority, Mahmoud al-Qayati, confirmed that record high temperatures have been recorded in the northern hemisphere and will continue over a week.

During an interview with the CBC satellite channel on Tuesday, Qayati said that the highest temperature recorded in Egypt was 44C.

The percentage of thermal energy emanating from the sun is at its highest, he explained.

The earth is breaking records for the highest temperatures ever recorded, Qayati said, adding that the northern hemisphere is going through an unprecedented heat wave which greatly impacts Arab countries.

Qayati said that the reason for this unprecedented heat is due to climate change, in addition to the “El Nino” phenomenon.

Some European countries broke the 50C degree mark, he noted.

Qayati continued, “We see the effects of extreme weather phenomena, and there are areas that have witnessed unusual drought.”

He noted that the percentage of humidity in the air in some areas is at 95 percent.

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