University students call for anti-SCAF protests Tuesday

Student activists are calling for protests against the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces on 21 February to mark National Student Day.

Students from Cairo and Ain Shams universities staged marches from their campuses to the Defense Ministry, the SCAF headquarters, in Abbasseya Tuesday to push for a faster transfer of power. Cairo University said lectures had resumed in all faculties Wednesday after several days of student boycotts and protests.

The Ain Shams Student Union confirmed in a statement on Wednesday that it will continue protesting until a timeline is set for the presidential election to end by mid-May, before the constitution is drafted. The statement urged all students to take part in National Student Day activities.

Students also called on political groups like the April 6 Youth Movement and Revolutionary Socialists to renew their protests against military rule at universities on Tuesday.

Cairo University President Hossam Kamel said students have a right to express their opinions and anger over recent violence, including the clashes that followed a Port Said football match early this month that left over 70 people dead. He added that the university doesn’t impose restrictions on students practicing political activities in a democratic fashion.

Armed Forces Chief of Staff Sami Anan met Wednesday with university leaders to affirm the military council’s commitment to upholding the democratic process, transparency and freedom of expression during the transitional period.

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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