University head sentenced to prison for failing to lift veil ban

An Egyptian court on Monday ordered Cairo University President Dr. Hosam Kamel to resign his position as university head. It also sentenced him in absentia to three months of prison confinement and a fine of LE200 in a lawsuit raised by Cairo University pharmacy professor Safinaz Ibrahim against Cairo University President Hossam Kamel on 31 October.

Kamel was accused of failing to carry out a court order that struck down university policy banning staff from working or giving lectures on campus while wearing the Islamic veil, or niqab.

Ibrahim had requested the maximum penalty applicable, noting that Kamel had ignored the court injunction despite repeated warnings.

She has asked for LE2001 in temporary compensation for damages resulting from the ban.

Ibrahim’s lawyer Nizar Ghurab said he regretted the court ruling and expressed hope for reconciliation between the two parties. He added that he hoped Kamel would carry out the court decision.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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