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UN condemns Israel’s crimes against Gazan children

International rejection of Israel’s aggression against the Gaza Strip have gained more momentum, with the United Nations recently announcing that it will include Israel on a “list of shame” over its violations against children in the occupied territories.

The move was met with great concern from Israel, as it may lead to a ban on its imports of weapons.

Tensions are escalating between Tel Aviv and Washington following recent updates made by US President Joe Biden to the draft resolution presented to the Security Council due to provisions which Israel opposes that include not cutting off any land from Gaza.


Egypt and Qatar condemn Israel

Egypt’s Foreign Ministry on Friday assured that Cairo will not falter in its efforts to protect the rights of Palestine and towards the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, a demand echoed by Qatar.

Qatar on Friday stated that the genocide committed by Israel against Palestine for eight months, the policy of collective punishment, the use of food as a weapon, the destruction of cities and infrastructure, and attempts at forced displacement, are all grave violations of international and humanitarian law.

It demanded that Israel immediately and forever abandon its apartheid policies, withdraw from the occupied territories, and accept the establishment of an independent, fully sovereign Palestinian state.

Egyptian, US, and Qatari efforts are accelerating to push Tel Aviv and Hamas to accept the proposal presented by Biden.

The US presented an updated version of the American draft resolution to the Security Council, which includes several points such as making any demographic changes in Gaza Strip that would reduce its land area – such as creating a buffer zone – a decision rejected by the Israeli mission to the UN.

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