UAE helps with securing Egyptian soldiers in Sudan: FM

The UAE has conducted efforts to secure the Egyptian soldiers who are in Sudan, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry announced.

The two countries, Egypt and the UAE, have expressed appreciation to the International Committee of the Red Cross for its efforts in supporting the process of securing the Egyptian soldiers.

The Foreign Ministries of Egypt and the UAE stated that this step comes within the framework of the two countries’ efforts to reach calm. This will be hopefully achieved through communication with the Sudanese parties to ensure restraint, stop escalation, and return to the political track.

The two ministries are  committed to Egypt and the UAE to continue their efforts at stopping the fighting and protecting civilians in Sudan.

There is also the importance of returning to a workable, political framework and dialogue to resolve disagreements and reach stability in Sudan.

The Egyptian soldiers detained in Sudan have been transferred from Meroe Airport to the capital, Khartoum, on Wednesday.

The Rapid Support Forces in Sudan announced their transfer stressing that they will be handed over to Egypt when the nearest opportunity arises.

“This took place during the clashes with the coup forces last Saturday, to the capital, Khartoum,” the Rapid Support Forces said on its official page on Twitter.

“We reassure the families and government of Egypt that the soldiers who were present at the Marawi military base are all well and will receive the necessary care. They will be handed over when the appropriate opportunity arises, depending on the conditions the country is going through,” it added.

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