Two witnesses affirm Alex victim beaten by police

The Alexandria Appeals Prosecution heard testimonies yesterday from witnesses in the alleged killing of Khaled Saeed by detectives from the Sidi Gaber police station.

Ahmed Omar, head of the prosecution office, heard the testimony of the wife of the doorman of a building next to the cybercafe where Saeed was picked up. She claimed to have seen two detectives beating Saeed and bashing his head against a staircase. According to the witness, the detectives kicked Seed in different parts of his body and ordered him to spit out what was inside his mouth. When Saeed begged them to leave him alone, one of the detectives answered “You are dead anyway!”

A grocer in the area also said he saw the two detectives beating Saeed.

Meanwhile, around 400 family members, friends and neighbors of the victim staged a protest outside a local mosque to condemn the alleged torture of the victim at the hands of the police. The protesters also called for punishing those responsible in the incident.

In Daqahliya, the 6th April Movement, have called for a silent protest where the protesters will wear black t-shirts to condemn the killing of Khaled Saeed. The movement also called for concurrent protests to be staged in Alexandria and Cairo.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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