Two statues discovered on Aswan’s Elephantine island

The Swiss mission working on Elephantine Island in Aswan, headed by archaeologist Cornelius Pilgrim, has unearthed two statues, one of prince Haqa Ib of the Old Kingdom, and another of an unknown person, in addition to an offering stele that dates back to the 18th dynasty.

Mahmoud Afifi, head of Ancient Egyptian Antiquities Department, said the discovery of the statue of Elephantine Island ruler Prince Haqa Ib, 80 years after his shrine was discovered, shows the sacredness of this person, who was known as protector of the south-bound campaigns.

Haqa Ib’s importance seems to have extended to the Middle Kingdom, because King Intef III of the Middle Kingdom ordered the construction of a shrine to commemorate him, Afifi said.

Nasr Salama, director of Aswan and Nubia antiquities, said the two statues are headless, adding that Haqa Ib’s statue shows the prince sitting and has his name carved on it. The other statue had no writing on it.

The offering stele was made of sandstone, Salama said, adding that it’s considered one of the best steles found over the past 30 years.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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