Two pro-Morsy sheikhs “released” in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian authorities have released two sheikhs, Mohamed al-Ereify and Mohsen al-Awagy, said prominent Saudi preacher Salman al-Ouda on Monday.


The two sheikhs were allegedly taken into custody for rejecting the overthrow of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy, instead expressing support for him and the Muslim Brotherhood.


Saudi authorities have thrown their weight behind the 3 July coup which unseated Morsy, sending a comprehensive aid package to Egypt days afterwards.


Sources close to Ereify said he is now in his house. However, they refused to comment on whether he had been detained two days ago or not.


On Monday Ouda tweeted that the two sheikhs had been released.


Activists posted photos on Twitter showing Ereify at a mosque. They claimed it was the sheikh's first public appearance for prayers since his release.

In his TV show aired on several Arab channels, Ouda said he heard that Saudi authorities had banned Ereify from traveling.

Saudi activists said security authorities kept Ereify under house arrest, claiming he will be questioned in the coming days.

Activists have linked the two sheikhs' alleged arrests with their support for the Muslim Brotherhood in the wake of Egypt's 3 July army-led overthrow of Morsy.

They also added that Awagy was arrested for the same reason.

Awagy earlier issued a statement on behalf of several intellectuals in Saudi Arabia condemning what he called the "military coup" in Egypt.

Saudi authorities did not confirm or deny reports regarding Ereify's arrest.

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