Two ‘pro-Brotherhood’ judges facing disciplinary action

Two judges deemed to be supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood are facing disciplinary action.

Judge Mohamed Sherine Fahmy, head of the committee interrogating Cairo Court of Appeal chief Ayman al-Wardany and Cairo Criminal Court chief Yehya Ismail, said both would face discplinary action over allegations they joined the Rabaa al-Adaweya sit-in in support of Islamist President Mohamed Morsy.
Wardany and Ismail admitted during interrogations they joined the Rabaa sit-in, admitting they had therefore engaged in politics, Fahmy said.
The committee rejected a request submitted by spokesperson for the pro-Muslim Brotherhood Judges for Egypt movement, Waleed al-Sharaby, demanding to summon interim president and former Supreme Constitutional Court head Adly Mansour, head of the Supreme Judicial Council Hamid Abdallah, former president of the Constitutional Court Farouk Sultan, and former spokesperson for the presidential elections commission Hatem Bagato to listen to their views on the concept of political activity and judicial independence.
The Supreme Judicial Council decided to refer Sharaby and other judges belonging to the Judges for Egypt movement, including Wardany and Ismail, to a disciplinary board after receiving reports they incited violence against the 30 June revolution, announcing Mohamed Morsy had won the presidential race before the presidential elections commission officially announced it in 2012, and taking political stands.

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