Two pharaonic coffins found in Behira

An antiquities investigation, in cooperation with antiquities inspectors in Behira, found two pharaonic coffins and other artifacts belonging to the Pharaonic era in the city of Delengat.
A stone piece of a sarcophagus cover was discovered on a lot owned by local residents, and was believed to be ancient. When examined, it appeared to be a 234-cm long, 100-cm wide sarcophagus cover, made from limestone without drawings, and suffering from cracks.
A committee of Behira antiquities inspectors said that the land plot is part of Kom al-Kharaz ancient area, and the sarcophagus cover belongs to the Pharaonic late era.
The area was further examined to find a limestone cemetery, and another sarcophagus, as well as other artifacts.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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