Twenty-two political groups in Alexandria to take part in protests Friday

Twenty-two political groups in Alexandria will participate in protests planned for Friday, called "The Friday for Correcting the Path," they said on Tuesday.

In a statement, the groups stated that they demand ending military trials for civilians, releasing political prisoners, and implementing minimum wage court rulings.

The groups issued the statement following a meeting in Alexandria late on Monday. They included the Justice Party, the Free Egypt Party, Khodr Party, Free Egyptians Party, Egyptian Communist Party, Karama, Tagammu and the April 6 Youth Movement.

The groups also called for canceling laws issued without social discussion, including the electoral districts law, the law that criminalizes protests, and the political rights law.

They demanded activating the Treason Law and barring former members of the disbanded National Democratic Party (NDP) from political participation for five years.

Though they agreed to start protests at Al-Qa'ed Ibrahim Mosque after Friday prayers, they disagreed on the path that protests should take.

Some wanted to march from the mosque to the northern military area, while others wanted to march to Saad Zaghloul Square to prevent clashes in the military area. 

“The next Friday [protest] aims at ending all forms of normalization, expelling the Israeli ambassador, halting gas exports to Israel, and reviewing terms of the peace treaty in a way that considers Egyptian sovereignty,” Mohamed Samir, spokesperson for Mohamed ElBaradei's presidential campaign, told Al-Masry Al-Youm.

Meanwhile, Salafis in Alexandria and Nour Party announced they will not participate in the protests.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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