TV host Ibrahim Eissa issues statement on his show’s suspension

Television host Ibrahim Eissa has issued a statement adressing the suspension of his talk show entitled “With Ibrahim Eissa,” aired on the privately-owned TV satellite channel Al-Qahera Wal Nas.

In his statement, Eissa thanked his audience, saying “The audience paid [the show] a great deal of attention; their amazing interaction, renewed controversial spirit and the wide discussions they contributed made the show gain high levels of influence that surpassed the effects of a regular TV show."

"This laid more burdens on the show and made it surrounded by pressures," the satement continued. "While the show contributed to the widening of minds [for some], it stirred the anger of others."

Eissa went on to say “I accept that this moment as a suitable one to stop presenting the show. I think that the facts at hand, time necessities and destiny are now leading me to leave off self-expression on television to find another stage.”

“Thus, I would like to offer deep thanks and pride to the media professional Tarek Nour for the wide-open space of "pure light" that he offered me through his TV channel, in which I used to express my own persuasions without any intervention nor participation from the channel, making therefore the responsibility [for the contents of the show] entirely mine..” he added.

Eissa also expressed gratefulness toward his colleagues.

The Egypian parliament filed a complaint on December 19 to the General Authority for Investment, requesting that legal action be brought against both Eissa and the satellite TV channel Al-Kahera Wal Nas, on which his TV show is aired.

During his TV show on December 18, Eissa allegedly accused Parliament of planning to adjust the constitutional article that limits the presidential term limit. He also described MPs as "swindlers and impostors."

Rumors were circulated that Eissa's talk show was suspended a day after voicing harsh criticism against the parliament.

Eissa did not appear on air as usual on December 19 and 20. Old recorded episodes of the show were broadcast instead.

However, the chairman of the satellite channel, Ahmed al-Saed, denied that Eissa's talk show had been suspended, explaining that his absence on December 19 and 20 was due to "unforeseen circumstances."

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