Tuesday’s papers: Suzanne gives up her assets, Adly’s detention extended

Both state-owned and independent papers extensively cover the results of investigations into allegations brought against former senior officials of the toppled regime.

At the bottom of its front-page, independent daily Al-Shorouk features a report on the decision to release Fathi Sorour, former parliamentary speaker, on bail of LE100,000 pending investigation into charges of accumulating wealth through illegal means. 

The paper quotes IGA head Assem al-Gohary as saying, “The submitted documents do not contain enough evidence against Sorour.” He added that the assets attributed to him do not belong to him and his family. However, the former senior official is still banned from traveling abroad and his assets remain frozen.

Despite the decision to release him, it is reported that Sorour was taken back to Tora prison for another 15 days imprisonment pending investigation into allegations of taking part in hiring camels and thugs to attack peaceful protesters on 28 January during the uprising. 

The state-run Al-Gomhorriya covers the decision to extend the detention of former Interior Minister Habib al-Adly for 15 days pending investigations into charges of abusing his former position to illegally acquire wealth.

It is reported that Adly’s investigation on Sunday, which lasted for six hours, revealed that he possesses enormous wealth including palaces, villas, apartments and lands estimated at LE1billion.

Judicial sources also stated that some of his assets were registered under the name of his wives and children.

Adly, who served as interior minister for more than a decade, was sentenced on 5 May to 12 years in jail for money laundering and profiteering.

Al-Akhbar bears the headline, “Suzanne relinquishes all her assets to the state.” The state-own paper writes in detail how she turned over all her funds and properties during her stay in her Sharm el-Sheikh hospital.

The paper says that she seemed to be suffering from overwhelming fatigue while signing the official documents to relinquish her LE20 million.

The report also states that her planned heart surgery was postponed due to a nervous breakdown which poses a threat to her life if she undergoes the operation.

She suffered from high blood pressure and chest pain last Friday after the Illicit Gains Authority (IGA) ordered her detention for 15 days, pending investigation into charges of ill-gotten wealth.

 “A battle between central security forces and protesters in front of Israeli Embassy,” reads a headline on Al-Wafd newspaper’s front page.

The liberal opposition newspaper writes that the military on Sunday detained 140 people who staged a sit-in in front of the Israeli Embassy on Nakba Day.

It is reported that hundreds of protesters called for severing ties with Israel and deporting the Israeli ambassador. The paper adds that military forces thwarted protesters’ attempt to storm the embassy and threw a security cordon around the area to prevent further attacks.

The attack was followed by violence clashes with security personnel who fired tear gas and shots in the air to disperse them.

The clashes left 353 injured, who were immediately transferred to Qasr al-Aini and Boulak al-Daqrour hospitals, the report says.        

The arrested protesters will be questioned over charges of thuggery, rioting and fomenting chaos.

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