Trial for Coptic solidarity demonstrators adjourned until February

The Rod al-Farag Misdemeanor Court adjourned the trial of eight leftist activists until 24 February, a judicial source said. The activists were arrested for protesting in Cairo in solidarity with Coptic Christians following  the Alexandria church bombing on New Year’s Eve.

The defendants, who are charged wtih rioting, disturbing the peace and vandalizing public property, belong to the Socialist Renewal Current, a small leftist group established last year.  

They were arrested earlier this month while demonstrating in Cairo’s Coptic-dominated Shubra neighborhood to call for equal treatment of the Christian minority.

Their lawyers dismissed the charges as “contradictory and baseless” during a court session.

Earlier, investigators said that the accused shattered the glass of 21 police vehicles, four microbuses, and ten private cars.

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