Transport Ministry to issue unified ticket for mass transportation

The Ministry of Transport plans to apply a unified ticket for mass transportation, to include the railway, metro, monorail and all electric trains.

Youm7 published nine points about the planned unified ticket as follows:

1- The unified ticket is similar to the smart card currently used at metro stations.

2- The unified ticket will allow the passengers to use the railway, metro, monorail and electric trains.

3- The passenger will not need to obtain a different ticket for each means of mass transportation.

4- The unified ticket will be an alternative to paper tickets.

5- In the first stage, the unified card or ticket  will be applied along with the standard paper tickets. 

6- Passengers can choose between paper tickets or the unified ticket.

7- The unified ticket aims to facilitate easier procedures for citizens so they do not have to stand in queues at ticket booking windows in stations.

8- The unified ticket will be first applied with the start of operating the electric train.

9- It will be applied during the first phase at the electric train Adly Mansour – Administrative Capital – 10th of Ramadan City stations) and the Greater Cairo metro lines.

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