Traffic hot-spots to be targeted during Ramadan

Salah Abdel Wahab, head of the general directorate for traffic, said 11 areas have been located for targeting measures to reduce traffic jams, including the ring road exit at Moneeb, the Autostrad, the Cairo-Alexandria desert road, the Mehwar, the Suez road, and Ismailia road. ٍٍ

Abdel Wahab attributed congestion on highways to the return of holiday-makers back to Cairo, in addition to bad driving. He called on drivers to stick to traffic directions and speed limits.

The number of vehicles across Egypt has reached 5.2 million, including two million in Cairo. These numbers are seeing an annual increase of 10-12 percent.

Abdel Wahab said the general directorate, along with other traffic directorates, began applying a new plan for Ramadan one week ago.

The plan has two parts, including increasing the number of security officers in the most congested areas, and providing more cranes and fixed radars.

Sixteen radars were being operated a week ago across the ring road, from the Suez ramp to the Autostrad exit, due to frequent accidents in these places, said Abdel Wahab. Seven thousand fines were recorded.

“We need to extend the strategy along all the road, since it has resulted in a reduction both in accidents and in speeding," he added. Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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