Trade minister lauds “historical” ties between Egypt, Lebanon

Trade and Industry Minister Ahmed Samir has hailed as “historical” relations between Egypt and Lebanon in all fields and at all levels.

Communication between the business societies here and there has contributed to the establishment of joint cooperation projects, particularly where production and services are concerned, Samir said during a meeting with Lebanese Minister of Agriculture Dr Abbas al Haj Hassan Monday.

The meeting took up means of boosting economic cooperation between Cairo and Beirut, Samir said, noting that this could be done through using the potentials of both Arab countries to establish investment partnerships that serve the best interests of both peoples and economies.

Samir said his Ministry is keen on providing all kind of support for Lebanese investments in Egypt and is willing to offer more business opportunities for Lebanese businesspeople, especially in the field of agricultural industrialization.

The Egyptian and Lebanese governments have agreed to facilitate access of their agricultural products to each other’s market in a way that would contribute to increasing inter-trade rates, Samir noted.

The Egyptian minister put the volume of trade exchange with Lebanon at 502 million dollars during 2021 – a rise by 33 percent on the previous year.

Egypt’s exports to Lebanon increased by 18 percent in 2021, reaching 329 million dollars up from 280 million dollars in 2020, he made it clear.

Lebanese Agriculture Minister Hassan, for his part, said he greatly appreciates directives by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi to facilitate access of Lebanese exports to the local market.

Beirut remains committed to all agreements signed with Cairo with the aim to ease trade exchange between them, Hassan stressed.

He praised the pivotal role played by Egypt, which he called a pillar of stability in the Arab region and a major supporter of joint Arab action.

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