Trade and Industry Ministry denies printing defective copies of new constitution

The Ministry of Trade and Industry denied allegations of distributing defective copies of the draft constitution in an official statement released Thursday. 
Allegations claimed that the copies were printed in the General Organization for Government Printing Offices. 
The statement described the claims, reported by some media outlets, as “false” and “misleading to public opinion.”
At the request of the Shura Council, the Organization printed 10,000 copies of the original it was given without making any errors or alterations, according to the statement. Each copy has the signature of Amr Moussa, head of the 50-member constitutional committee, on every page, thereby safeguarding against fraud.  
The statement also noted that the organization has not distributed or sold any of the copies to any individual or entity, thus confirming the impossibility of manipulation or fraud.
The Trade and Industry Ministry assured that the General Organization for Government Printing Offices has not and will not have any role in Egyptian political life, but is committed to its role of providing fine printing services to the Egyptian state.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm 

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