Tourism Union calls for boycott of Saudi Airlines following pilgrim crisis

The Egyptian Tourism Union called for boycotting Saudi Arabian Airlines until the latter issues an official apology for mistreating Egyptian Umra pilgrims at Jeddah International Airport.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian Chamber of Tourism is preparing its report of the incident after it denounced statements by a number of Saudi officials who held the Umra pilgrims responsible for the incident.

Tourism workers also launched a Facebook page calling for an official boycott of the airline until it officially apologized to each of the affected Egyptian pilgrims and legally compensated them.

They also called for an official complaint to be sent to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) against the airlinesfor its failure to provide the pilgrims with proper accommodation or compensation during the period of delay.

Tourism Chamber Head Basel al-Sisi warned that a similar crisis could occur during the Hajj season. Last year during the Hajj, Egyptian pilgrims were detained for six hours before they were allowed into Saudi Arabia. The Hajj is a ritual pilgrimage to Mecca undertaken by millions of Muslims each year.

Sisi said he rejected the idea of boycotts prior to negotiations. He explained that the pilgrims’ airline tickets were considered a written contract between the company and the passengers by which they are entitled to compensation.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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