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Top 5 tips to make sure that your Fesikh is safe

Eating Fesikh (salted dried fish) is the most famous feature of Sham el-Nessim celebrations in Egypt.

Bad Fesikh often leads to poisoning during this feast in Egypt. So how to avoid rotten Fesikh and enjoy your holiday?

Al-Safira Aziza TV program on the privately-owned satellite channel DMC gave some advise that you have to follow when buying Fesikh. Here it is:

  • The Fesikh fish has to be thick and firm when you press it with your finger.
  • It should be shiny and in silver color.
  • Buy it from a trusted and reputable store.
  • The gills of the fish should be red.
  • The flesh of the fish should be bright pink, otherwise the fish is bad especially when it is yellow.

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