Timeline: Sinai border deaths and injuries

The following is a list of incidents that caused deaths or injuries of Egyptian military and civilians on the Sinai border:

12 November, 2000: Soliman Qambiz, an Egyptian, was injured along with his aunt by Israeli fire while harvesting olives.

15 April, 2001: An Egyptian female from Barahma village was injured by Israeli bullets while in the backyard of her house, which was close to the border.

Late April, 2001: Milad Mohamed Hemedia, an Egyptian youngster, was shot dead by Israeli soldiers while attempting to enter Gaza via Salah Eddin gate.

9 May, 2001: Ahmed Eissa, an Egyptian soldier, was killed on duty by Israeli fire.

Late May 2001: Zamel Ahmed Soliman, an Egyptian, received an Israeli bullet in the knee while sitting in his house in Imam Ali, Rafah.

June 2001: El-Sayyed el-Gharib Mohamed Ahmed, a soldier, was shot down by Israeli fire on the Israeli-Egypt border.

26 September, 2001: Captain Omar Taha Mohamed, 28, received a bullet in the left thigh due to cross-fire between Palestinian militants and Israeli soldiers near the Egyptian border.

5 November, 2001: Major Mohamed Ahmed Salama was shot and wounded while patrolling the frontier area.

23 December, 2001: Mohamed Gomaa el-Barahma, 17, was hurt in the shoulder by Israeli bullets.

28 February, 2002: Faris el-Qambiz, 8, was shot by an Israeli bullet while playing in his yard.

7 November, 2004: An Israeli rocket hit the yard of a house in Rafah without causing any injury.

18 November, 2004: An Israeli tank killed three Egyptian border guards on the Gaza border.

12 December, 2007: Mohamed Abdel Mohsen Geneidi, a soldier, was shot dead by Israeli fire.

25 January, 2008: An Egyptian soldier was hurt by shooting from unknown sources.

27 January, 2008: Humaidan Soliman Sweilam, 41, an Egyptian, was killed on his way to work.

27 February, 2008: Samah Naif, 14, was shot dead in front of her house near Karam Abu Salem.

21 May, 2008: Soliman Ayed Moussa, 32, was killed by Israeli fire when he attempted to cross the border at Karam Abu Salem.

22 May, 2008: Ayesh Soliman Moussa, 32, was killed near the Eloga border.

9 July, 2008: Mohamed el-Qurashy, an officer, was killed by Israeli soldiers while chasing smugglers. Later, Israeli authorities investigated the incident and alleged the officer was mistakenly shot after entering Israeli territory.

24 September, 2008: Israeli forces killed Soliman Suweilam Soliman, 26, from Qusaima, Sinai. Israeli authorities informed Egypt that Soliman tried to sneak in, in connection with smuggling activities.

29 December, 2008: A Palestinian and an Egyptian officer were killed in crossfire at the Rafah crossing after tens of Gazans tried to break through it to flee an Israeli shelling. Egypt blamed Hamas for killing its officer.

17 August, 2009: The Israeli army stated that its soldiers had injured an Egyptian soldier after mistaking him for an "enemy trying sneak in."

6 January, 2010: Ahmed Shaaban, a soldier, was killed in Rafah amid clashes between Gazan protestors and Egyptian border officers. Egypt again blamed Hamas for the murder, while the latter put the blame on Egyptian "friendly fire."

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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