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TikTok app suffers malfunction, is not banned in Egypt

The TikTok app in Egypt had gone down on Monday, causing many social media users to fear the application had been banned.

In actuality the app had suffered a technical malfunction that took several hours to address until it was functioning again.

The Downdetector website received dozens of reports within two hours from TikTok users unable able to access their personal accounts.

Downdetector is a platform that tracks corporate services based on user reports, including assessing the state of internet services, mobile networks, banking, online gaming, entertainment platforms and other online services.

The owner company has not issued any official statements or information about the reasons for the TikTok malfunction in Egypt.

The Egyptian Senate discussed banning TikTok and other similar applications that fail to meet the nation’s safety policies and standards early this year.

The Egyptian Senate’s move to ban the application came after many lawsuits were filed before the Egyptian courts calling to ban TikTok from the Internet inside Egypt, alongside urging Google and Apple to delete the application from their stores in Egypt.

A lawsuit previously filed in Egypt claimed that TikTok promotes clips of nudity, pornography, bullying, and violence in society, and has even become an outlet for drug trafficking and illegal currency trade, which negatively affects society, especially youth.

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