Tik Tok star Mawada Eladham received funding from abroad: investigations

Tik Tok star Mawad Eladham reportedly received funds from multiple sources abroad up to LE2.4 million through various bank accounts, according to a Central Bank of Egypt report.

Her bank accounts were as follows:

A bank account in the Fifth Settlement witnessed total transactions of LE9,051. It received LE 3,476 transferred from a technology company, as mentioned in the investigations.

A bank account in New Cairo with total transactions of LE990,966.

The New Cairo account received LE45,116 from a technology company, as mentioned in the report, and another account in US dollars with transactions that amounted US$8,809.

A bank account Tenth of Ramadan city with total transactions of LE795,749.

The report then referred to transfers received by the accused, which came as follows:

-Transfers received by the accused from a bank during the period from May 5, 2016 to August 16, 2016, with a total of 7 transfers from people from two Arab countries,  amounting to 2,326.59 US dollars.

-Twenty-one transfers received by the accused from a bank from June 27, 2018 to February 24, 2020, from different people in Arab countries, the US, Germany, France and the UK totaling US$2,154.20, and LE 77,494.

-Thirty-eight transfers received by the accused between July 23, 2016 to April 16, 2020, from people in Arab and other foreign countries totaling US$17,132.25.

Mawada Eladhm was sentenced on Monday to six years in prison and a fine of LE200,000 for infringing Egyptian family values, based on the country’s strict cybercrime law.

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