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Tik Tok launches first mental health summit in Egypt

Tik Tok launched the first mental health summit in Egypt, in conjunction with World Mental Health Day, and launched a campaign on #EndTheStigma hashtag.

Many users all over the Middle East joined the campaign to learn more about how to protect their mental health, whether in the real or digital world, aiming to build a space allows everyone in the community to express themselves with transparency.

The TikTok Mental Well-being Summit also aims to guide the community to ensure that everyone has the resources they need to support their mental health, and to exchange and share their personal experience with each other, with Tik Tok’s commitment to creating a world in which everyone has a supportive system to enhance their mental health in the digital age.

Some of the tips shared by the panel of accredited experts included how to control one’s body when it is in a “fight or flight” state, attend to their feelings, practice awareness through meditation, take a break from screen exposure every 20 minutes, and be aware of any potential effects that could harm one’s health psychologically.

Additionally, guests were able to learn more about mental health resources on TikTok, including the Health Guide, Safety Center and in-app safety settings, to help protect the community while sharing their experiences and stories about their mental health. These security features include managing screen time and search interference, content alerts, and how the platform addresses bullying and harassment.

Representatives of Tik Tok said that the platform is not only a space for joy and entertainment, but a space for the community, each of whose members can share their unique personal experiences, including those related to an individual’s mental health, which is an integral part of Tik Tok’s mission to support their community while sharing their experiences and useful resources, and creating new meaningful links on the platform to contribute to ending the feeling of shame associated with mental illness.

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