Three Sharqiya road accidents leave 29 dead

Twenty-nine persons died and another 52 were injured in three Sharqiya road accidents on Tuesday.

The accidents took place on the Cairo-Belbeis and Faqqous al-Salhiya roads and in Zagazig.

Preliminary inspections attributed the accidents to dense fog, low visibility and high speeds.

The dead and injured were transferred to hospitals.

Hassan Abu Shenaq, head of Sharqiya’s security directorate, received a report that two microbuses had hit a car on the Cairo-Belbeis desert road, leaving 19 dead and 13 injured.

According to separate reports, the accident on the Faqqous al-Salhiya road left ten children dead and another 22 injured while the accident in Zagazig left 17 injured.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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