Thousands flock to Tahrir to honor protests’ martyrs

Thousands of protesters flocked to Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo on Sunday to pay tribute to those who died in the protests which erupted on 25 January.

Hundreds of Christians who belong to different sects participated in a Sunday mass conducted in Tahrir Square.  

In his words following the sermon, Mina Nagui, a Christian protester who was injured on 25 January, said that those who attend the Sunday sermon but accept oppression the rest of the week will not please God. 

He also said that in the face of a regime that possesses weapons, intimidates the people using tear gas, rubber bullets and live ammunition, and tarnishes reputations, the protesters have the right to ask for freedom and a decent life.

Tahrir protesters on Sunday chanted slogans against Iran, accusing it of interfering in Egyptian affairs.

One of the protesters shouted, "There are those who are trying to use what is happening in Egypt to achieve personal gains!" He went on, "But Egyptians won't let it happen. Those people must see how much oppression and dictatorship there is in their own countries."

"Egypt cannot be another Iran. We will not accept a religious dictatorship like Iran.

One protester mocked the speech delivered by Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in which he likened the Egyptian uprising to the Iranian revolution. "Egyptians were not inspired by Iran,” he said. “Rather, the Egyptian people are inspiring the world."

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