Third Egyptian dies on Hajj pilgrimage

The number of Egyptians who have died on this year's Hajj pilgrimage has risen to three, after a woman from Assiut in Upper Egypt died on Thursday in Mecca.

According to Egypt's state-owned news agency MENA, 70-year-old Atiyat Abu Zeid died of a heart attack. Abu Zeid’s family has been notified and their permission is being sought in preparation for her burial in the Holy Land, said MENA.
The Egyptian authorities announced Abu Zeid’s death on Thursday morning.

Earlier Hekmat Mansour Mohamed, 57, from Toukh in the Qalyubiya Governorate, south of Cairo, died of hepatitis in a Mecca hospital. Egyptian Hajj mission head Major General Salah Hashem said she would also be buried in Mecca after her family gives permission.

Mohamed Ibrahim of the Monufiya Governorate fell from the window of the hotel where he was staying in Medina, according to Hesham. The 66-year-old was blind. Hashem said he would be buried at the Baqui Cemetery in Medina.

MENA said the number of Egyptian Hajj pilgrims this year stands at 80,000. Saudi authorities are expecting some 3 million Hajj pilgrims this year from around the world.
Translated from the Arabic Edition

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