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These yoga trends are too cool not to try

Whether you’re a beginner, expert, or even a bad yogi, the latest trends in yoga could be just what you need to get you started on the mat, or even in a hammock.
From adding new accessories such as weights to finishing your flow with a cold beer, here we round up our favourite of the newest yoga classes which are taking a fresh look at how to practice and a new way of finding your zen.
Aerial Yoga
Ex-gymnast and Broadway dancer Christopher Harrison’s AntiGravity Fitness is one of the leaders in aerial yoga, founding the fitness technique AntiGravity Aerial Yoga back in 2007.
Classes are available worldwide as well as having been licensed to well-known fitness centers. Harrison has even invented his own AntiGravity Hammock for the practice.
By using the hammock in your yoga practice, Harrison believes that AntiGravity yoga can not only help improve your technique for a more effective workout, but by being suspended in the air the practice can also help you become lighter mentally, as well as of course physically, allowing you to open up your mind and have fun with the your new suspended yoga poses.
And if you can’t find an AntiGravity Fitness class near you, Unnata Aerial Yoga also offers classes around the world. Also incorporating a soft, fabric hammock, Unnata Aerial Yoga promises to help you deepen your practice, relax and realign the body, focus the mind and energise your flow.
Yoga Sculpt
For those who are no longer challenged by a Downward Dog, why not add weights to your yoga poses in a new Yoga Sculpt class.
Not only will Yoga Sculpt help to rev up your metabolism and build extra lean muscle mass, it will also prevent overstretching, something that can happen with more experienced yogis.
As with any weights-based exercise, paying attention to your form and technique is important for a safe and also more effective workout, making this a class best done in the studio with an instructor.
And although Yoga Sculpt is already a huge trend in Los Angeles, classes are now starting to pop up across the country, with many yoga specialists now adding Yoga Sculpt to their schedules.
Rage Yoga
If you practice yoga, but still can’t find your inner peace, or your place within the yoga milieu, then Rage Yoga could be the yoga for you.
Wanting to offer a more relaxed way of looking at yoga, and with classes held in a pub, Rage Yoga promises a stress-busting Vinyasa yoga class but with less seriousness and more jokes, swearing rather than meditation, and an after class pint of beer, not a green smoothie.
And although Rage Yoga is all the rage in Alberta, Canada, where it was founded, don’t worry if you can’t make it to a live class, this alternative attitude to yoga is spreading, and you can always try an online class with Bad Yogi.
With a similar concept to Rage Yoga, Bad Yogi is for those who want to practice yoga but who don’t see themselves as a yogi in the traditional sense. And as the classes are at home you can practice how you choose, with no one to judge you.

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