‘The Garfield Movie’ in Arabic comes to Egyptian cinemas on May 23, featuring Akram Hosny

Egyptian actor Akram Hosny revealed the release date of the Arabic version of “The Garfield Movie”, set to release on May 23.

Hosny shared the film’s poster on his official Instagram account, commenting: “Stay tuned.”


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Hosny said, during a previous interview with the “ET in Arabic” show, that what motivated him to take on this unique role is that Garfield is an international cartoon, and he worked alongside an international company for it.

That, plus the younger audience for the film, made him view this as a new and different challenge.

Regarding performing the character’s voice recording and dubbing, he admitted he found some difficulties at first as he had to balance them throughout the recording, but once recording was done he felt that the tone of the character’s voice was actually close to his own.

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