‘The Equalizer 3’ starring Denzel Washington tops Egypt’s foreign film box office

“The Equalizer 3”, starring Denzel Washington, topped the foreign film box office in Egypt on Friday during the second night of its release, grossing LE 631,000, outperforming “The Meg 2” and “Barbie”.


A star-studded cast

Alongside Washington, the film stars David Denman, Eugenio Mastrandrea, Remo Girone, Gaia Scodelaro, Andrea Dodero and Andrea Scardosio, in addition to Moroccan actor Zakaria Hamza and Tunisian actress Sonia Ben Ammar.

It is directed by Antoine Fuqua.


An action-packed plot

The third part of the “The Equalizer” trilogy continues the thrilling adventures of vigilante Robert McCall, whose attempts at recovering from an injury in southern Italy gets turned upside down after he discovers his friends live under the harsh control of mafia bosses.

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