Tensions in Manial district after police allegedly kill teenager

Dozens of protesters surrounded the Manial police station in Old Cairo on Monday night to protest the alleged killing of a teenager in the area by a policeman.

The boy's family sat in front of the police station along with his body, demanding that journalists photograph the covered body before its removal by ambulance. An ambulance arrived at 9:20 pm to collect the body.

Eyewitnesses claim that a policeman shot the boy near Manial police station at around 6:30 pm.

The shooting took place amid protests by families of people arrested by police on Sunday during drugs raids in the shantytowns of Old Cairo. Residents of the area said that scores of people were randomly arrested during the raid.

The protests began around 4 pm, when men blocked the Salah Salem Road to try and force police to release those arrested.

Military Police were deployed to the area and the armed forces sent several trucks along the Saleh Salem as protests continued. However, by 11 pm both police and the armed forces had withdrawn.

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