Tamarod slams ElBaradei

Tamarod spokesperson Hassan Shahin has attacked former political ally Mohamed ElBaradei, describing recent remarks made by the former vice president as "shameful for those who trusted him."
ElBaradei tweeted that a "systematic fascist campaign by 'sovereign sources' and 'independent' media" had pitted itself against "upholding the value of human life" and "the inevitability of national consensus."
"Violence only begets violence," the former vice president for international affairs said.
Shahin responded in a telephone interview with Nahar satellite channel saying: "So, you have evidence and facts that could be presented to people? Why are you traveling abroad and leaving the country?"
"Strugglers struggle inside their own country," he said, directly addressing ElBaradei.
"The Brotherhood want to shed blood and escalate [the situation]," Shahin continued. "They seek to bring about violence and acts of terror and stand in the face of the Egyptian people. They hold arms and and shoot with live ammunition, injuring citizens and soldiers. This is the only entity that brings about violence in the Egyptian street."
"Where are the "sovereign sources" you are talking about?" Shahin asked, again addressing ElBaradei. "If you have evidence or facts, return to [Egypt] and prove this allegation."
ElBaradei resigned his post as vice president for international affairs in mid-August after the authorities' bloody crackdown on pro-Morsy rallies, killing thousands. His resignation sparked criticism by anti-Morsy revolutionary and political forces.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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