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Tamarai Nostalgia: A chance to relive the 1980s

Tamarai, in an effort to revive the fun of going out at night while catering to Cairo’s new 30s-set, has launched its Tuesday Nostalgia Night–an evening where the bar takes a step back from its super shi-shi identity and kicks back to some "old school" tunes.

For anyone who went to school in the 1980s and 1990s, this is the night for you. Dance floors are set up with primary colors and disco lights, and Freddy Mercury and Boy George line the walls alongside Prince (when he was still Prince) and Madonna. The party set-up (interiors for the exterior, since the Nostalgia nights take place in the outside roof area) is by Nihal Zaki, an internationally recognized interior designer.

You’ll still need reservations–and Tamarai’s delicious but pricey drinks are still what you’ll find at the bar. The only difference is that you can go dressed in jeans and potentially sporting a side ponytail or (ironic) mullet.

The best part of the evening, by far, is the music. Between the Amr Hosny, Ghandoukly, Toyboys–Diya No’man and Youssef Sami–and a couple other potential DJs with hard core collections of the best 80s and 90s music. You’ll be constantly thrown by what they are able to dig up from the box of vinyl stored in the attic of your brain. Think Arabic and English–you can expect not only the joys of Color Me Badd, but also Lolaky by Aly Hamida, for example.

The crowd is good as well–relaxed happy and jumping around in fashion’s best jeans and t-shirts, a far cry from the days the songs came out–when we had frizzy hair and wore braces. In any case, the night is an interesting one. Bring a group of friends you’ve known since school and party it 80s style, in the way you wish you could have done back then. 

Kalam al-Qahairah (aka Cairo Gossip), a blog and Facebook group that report the latest clubbing news writes that tomorrow, 26 October, Tamarai Nostalgia will feature either Toyboys or Ghandoukly. In either case, wear your dancing shoes (whatever those may be) and be sure to make a reservation.

For reservations: 012-456-6666. 

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