Tagammu Party board insists on contesting runoffs despite violations

The leftist opposition Tagammu Party's branch in Qalyubiya decided on Thursday to freeze its activities to protest the passive stance taken by the party’s executive board vis-a-vis widespread reports of electoral fraud during Sunday’s parliamentary races.

The party's branch in Giza, meanwhile, took Tagammu leaders to task for failing to unite Egyptian leftists under a single banner.

Members of the party's Beni Sueif branch, for their part, threatened to relinquish their party membership to protest the board's weak stance, while members of the Alexandria branch denounced the party’s participation in blatantly fixed elections.

All branches called on the party to officially withdraw from runoffs slated for Sunday.

The Tagammu executive board turned down the request, however, confirming that it would participate in the runoffs.

On Wednesday, the Muslim Brotherhood opposition movement formally withdrew from the parliamentary contest. The opposition liberal Wafd Party followed suit on Thursday.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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