Tagammu to discuss party’s candidate list

The leftist Tagammu opposition party’s electoral committee will meet on Monday to discuss its final list of would-be candidates for upcoming People’s Assembly elections slated for later this year.

According to committee member Adel el-Dawwi, the party has not yet named candidates for some electoral constituencies, including Aswan, Kafr el-Sheikh, Daqahliya, Sohag, Ismailia and certain districts of Alexandria. Nominees for remaining districts and provinces, however, have already been determined, el-Dawwi said, noting that the party’s final list could include as many as 60 candidates.

El-Dawwi went on to say that candidate lists had been sent to the party’s provincial offices. He also pointed out that Tagammu nominees would personally bear all financial costs associated with their campaigns, although they would receive the party’s assistance in printing up campaign fliers and electoral programs.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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