Supporters of detained army personnel collect MPs signatures for their release

Supporters of detained army officers arrested for joining anti-military protests have collected signatures of Parliament members calling for their release, the leftist new website Al-Badil reported Monday.

Mohamed al-Rayes, a lawyer volunteering to defend the officers, told the website that he had presented the MPs with a proposal to grant amnesty to all officers who had taken the side of the revolution. Rayes said 64 MPs signed in support of the initiative, including members of the Nour, Wafd, Wasat and Free Egyptians parties. Rayes predicted he would collect more signatures.

Rayes said the petition will then be submitted to the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

Egyptian news reports have said that nearly 22 army officers have been detained in military prisons since 2011 for taking part in anti-SCAF demonstrations. Families and supporters of the detained officers have staged several protests calling for their release, arguing that the officers pledged allegiance to the country and not to the military council.

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