Supervisor investigated for child abuse in Luxor orphanage

The Social Solidarity Directorate in Luxor suspended an orphanage supervisor on allegations of torturing kids, and referred the case to public prosecution for further investigations.

Head of the Social Solidarity Directorate Ahmed Obaid said that the supervisor will remain suspended from work until the investigations are completed, stressing that in the case she is convicted she would be dismissed.

Obeid explained that an urgent investigation is being conducted with the supervisor, “Madeha.” Children will give their accounts of the incidents during the investigations.

Doctors with the directorate and Health Ministry conducted medical exams of the victims and filed a case with the prosecutor general.

The governor of Luxor, Mohamed Badr, ordered a quick investigation on Saturday with the supervisor of the Sun Shine orphanage for beating and torturing girls in the shelter, as signs of abuse were evident on their bodies.

A committee from the governorate’s office province listened to the testimonies of children, ages five to eight, confirming the incident.

The Head of the committee, Hejazi al-Nahhas, said that the health directorate had been contacted directly and medical examinations of the girls were made and a report was prepared for their cases.

The committee has questioned some of the orphanage employees and a report was immediately filed with Luxor police department, he said.

A number of the children said that the supervisor regularly beat them, prevented them from playing and beat them with sticks if they left their rooms or went to the bathroom.

The girls added that the supervisor had beaten them two days ago with a stick when she found them playing in one of the rooms at the shelter.

“Hana” one of the supervisors said that she was on vacation and when she returned to work the girls surrounded her and told her what “Madeha” did to them.

She added that “Madeha” had always interacted with the children in this manor and beat them for the simplest reasons. She pointed out that “Madeha” took advantage of her lack of supervision, severely beating the young children, resulting in serious injuries, and subjugating the girls to a fear and panic.

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