Suez ports closed due to bad weather conditions

Ports in Suez, and Zeiteyat in Suez, have been closed due to poor weather conditions, including strong winds that hit speeds of 30 knots and 2 to 3-meter high waves, in order to ensure safe maritime navigation, announced Red Sea Ports Authority spokesperson Malak Youssef on Sunday morning. 

Maj. Gen. Hisham Abuo Sennah, head of the Red Sea Ports Authority, issued strict instructions for port managers to take the necessary precautionary measures, such as checking the integrity of navigation marks at the entrances and exits of ports, and following up with the General Authority for Meteorology on the weather forecast. These actions will prevent unsuitable maritime activities that could put lives at risk, or damage private and public properties.


Edited translation by Al-Masry Al-Youm

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